23nd Anniversary

We help our clients improve customer and employee satisfaction, reduce overhead, and improve profitability.
This is achieved by our ability to deliver software Innovation, Integration & Automation.

Examples of custom solutions we have delivered include:

Ad Manager
Auction/Bidding System
Bulletin Board System
Business Plan Analyzer
Class Action Suit Tracking/Mgt Systems
Clinic/Patient Matching System
Collateral Builder/Management Systems
Commission-based Payroll System
Content Managers
Curriculum Tracking System
Custom Bulletin Board System
Database Conversions
Donation Systems (money and goods)
Employer/Employee Matching System
End to End Order Fulfillment/Tracking
Event Manager
Facility Maintenance Reporting/Tracking Systems
Forum/Bulletin Board Manager
Inventory Control Systems
Job Posting Manager
Knowledgebase System
Membership Management System
Natural Language Rule Builders
News Manager
Newsletter Builder
Online Student Testing
Pick and Choose Templated Sites
PTO Request/Approval/Tracking System
Queueing System With Weighted Load Balancing
Refer-a-Friend Management System
ROI Calculators
Sponsor Management System
Student Enrollment And Progress Tracking System
Tow Truck Pickup Scheduler
Trouble Ticket Systems
Video Training/Testing System
Volunteer Management System